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Welcome to LumyComp design Ltd.!

The most important thing to remember is that our qualification is in thedesign of professional electronic devices by request of our client for its product specification.

Design of professional electronics at the request of his client for the particular device.

Under your requirements for the parameters, dimensions, with our designers and their experience in the design, prototyping and support of production as well as with our knowledge and experience in LEDs, optics, best practice thermal management, and electronics we can pilot our customers through every step from design through prototyping to high volume production to deliver a tested and proven product that provides optimal performance in its operational environment..

Whether mass production or design and prototyping of your product is needed - we will approach the individual attention to your projects.

You can count on us!

- Design and prototype series:

We design products, modules, circuit solutions, LED emitters and power supplies, drivers, management software and multi-layer PCBs and schematics using powerful CAD / CAM tools to produce finished products in any desired by the client implementation.

- Mass production:

We ensure production of LED emitters, drivers, and DMX controls and we have 100% final test for each of our products and this gives us the possibility to ensure 100% guaranteed reliability and quality to our clients.
The company can also assure complete assembly of the devices.

We also can supply to you specialized final-test systems for final
inspection and 100% quality mass control.

- LED emitters for solar, wind and battery green energy sources (renewable)
- LED emitters
- Dimmable LED emitters
- LED strips emitters
- LED drivers
- Power Supplies
- Current Sources
- DMX control
- Others