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LED emitters and LED based modules

- Higher efficiency and substantial energy savings in the same light output;

- Exceptional reliability (lifetime> 100,000 hours);

- Greater variety of colors and capacities (0.3-1W-3W-8W-15W per LED);

- Enables a PRECISE and dynamic control of color and the luminous intensity and reach over 16,000,000 colorS, and over 256 intensity levels and over 2000 variants of white color Kelvin temperature (from warm white - to cool white ).

- Spectral range of radiation - from infrared (InfraRed) to ultraviolet (UV-A).

- Wider range of facilities emitters - from 1W to over 330W LED power capacity equivalent to ordinary light sources with over 2000W

- Integrated intelligent protection against overheating, overload, overvoltage and short circuit.

- Compatibility with standard lamps used in show business, in terms of management interface (DMX, Radio Control - Wireless, Infra-Red, USB, etc.)

- Wide range of application of the proposed LED sources - for interior lighting, replacement of incandescent E27 - E40 lamps , replacement of halogen and dichroic sources, replacement of fluorescent tubes (T8), replacing ceiling light panels, furniture and other decorative lighting.

- Exterior application - replacement of exterior facade lighting and advertising (vol signs, billboards, light bars), underwater - the fountain and pool controlled sources, new street and park lighting and upgrading existing replacement with a highly efficient LED lamps, tunnel and Explosion-proof emitters.

- Complete systems powered by alternative renewable sources (photovoltaic solar panels, wind turbine generators, etc.).

- Powerful multi-colored lights for monumental buildings and monuments, stadiums, gymnasiums, concerts, events and performances

- Specialty programmable lighting for museums, architectural sites, exhibition halls, galleries, exhibitions, theaters, bazaars, gorges, television studios and others.

- Emitters of greenhouse lamps (Growth Lamps), solarium and medical physio-therapeutic devices.

- Compactness and miniaturization.