Emitter 9W LED RGB

Emitter  9W LED RGB


Emitter  9W LED RGB

3R+3G+3B   for 1Watt LED Cree

Power Supply incorporated - 110-220V AC (or adapter 12-16V DC)/ 10W/16W.

Controll - Wireless - Zig-Bee (Motorola- Freescale) - 2.4GHz (bi-directional - 2mW-
Distanza - 20m (more than - 40 m for open area test.)

For new firmware – retranslation between lamps – with delay  - about 1000 meters (40 lamps), with velocity acceptable - 15 lamps distance total - 300 meters.

Addresing: - 4 channels (DMX compatibily), PWM - modulation 500 Hz, 255 intensity level -linear and non linear (100 levels)

Addresing from the transmitter - 64,000 channels, but disposable  512 channels DMX compatibily, with drop in velocity . (128 lamps separate every one with  oun  4 addreses ).
DEMO programme incorporated.

After work (or without  power supply or without DMX signal), remember last comand forever.

Transmitter - portable - with battery - manual or stazionar/portable with input DMX-512 (with drop in velocity ).

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