DMX4PWM 50/60W for 30/36 LEDs

DMX4PWM  50/60W for 30/36 LEDs


DMX4PWM – 50/60W for 30/36 LEDs

Output: 4 PWM channels – 12V / 1400mA sink current (for LED Current - 350mA)

Uin= 12VDC nominal (9-18VDC) +5VDC and +5V DC insulated (or internal 5V - by Jumper)

Uout max=12VDC nominal (9-18VDC), PWM / 490 Hz.

Overload protection (2Amp sink current for channel)

Over voltage output protection (up to 20Amp pick sink or source current)

DMX-512 - 6-8 channels processor control (4 colors + Common White, Strobe, Synchronic, DEMO Mode,

DMX-512 IN/OUT with signal regenerator insulated from GND (not insulated when internal 5V used),

DMX IN/OUT Relay bypass at Power Down.

Dimensions - (for low profile mounting)

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