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LCD RT3S LED GRD 600x600 (45W- 4000 lum) NO GLARING

LCD RT3S LED GRD 600x600 (45W- 4000 lum) NO GLARING

This lamp are designed to replase traditional tubular fluorescent ( mercury) lamps in the areas with Armstrong-type sellings producing the same amount of light with saving of up to 55% electricity.

The luminaire uses feature modules with unique constructions, integrated mirror optics,high efficiency deffuser, and the latest LED technology and have embedded high efficiency switching power driver with PFC and efficiency of 90%..

As power connector is used WAGO screwless terminal, which allows very fast on-site installation in less than 5 minutes.

The lamps can be equipped with different lenses and diodes to suit the varying needs of the client. ( e.g. light beam angle and color temperature) .Overall the usage of LEDs help to reduce the internal heating of the room , which is very important for the refrigerators .Containing no mecury, lead, or glass,LCD RT3S LED GRD 600x600 (45W- 4000 lum) NO GLARING do not present risk of food contamination that is possible with fluorescent lamp breakage.

Due to the high uniformity of the emmited light and the low overall brightness, the luminaire is applicable where the unified glare reating is of importance : hospitals, schools, offices, working halls.


- Exellent total cost of ownership with attractive payback time

- Easy of instalation

- No annoyng noises , vibration and flickering

- Long life LEDs ( with an average rated lifetime of 100 000 hours) reduse the maintanance and product replacement. cost that are associated with fluoriscent systems

- Unified Glare Rating is lower or equal to fluoriscent tube.

- Significant sustainability opportunity due to lower energy consuption , reduced waste and elimination of hazardous substances such as mercury and lead.

- Overaлl, the usage of LEDs helps to reduce the internal heating in the premisses

- 100% efficiency - directed light wich guarantees that all of the luminocity goes where you need it.



Technical specifications :



- Imput power - 45W

- luminosity -4 000 lumens

- Instalation hight - 2,5m

- Effective iluminated area/min Lx - 3m x 3m / 400 lux

- Power supply / efficiency - 230V AC with PFC / 90%

- CRI > 80

- Working temperature : - 25C deg. to +50C deg.

- Enviroment protection ; IP20 Aluminium / poader coated steel

- Dimmensions (mm) : 590x590x40

- Weight (kg) : 4.4

- Life span: LED 100 000 h

- Warranty ; 5 years