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LCD LED GRD 600x600 IP65(50W- 3400 lum)

LCD LED GRD 600x600 IP65(50W- 3400 lum)

Application: For indoor use only. For replacement in offices, hospitals, schools, suppermarkets, gazoline stations, hotels,By request is available panels with different dimmensions and also for external use.


- Exellent total cost of ownership with attractive payback time

- Easy of instalation

- No annoyng noises , vibration and flickering

- Long life LEDs ( with an average rated lifetime of 100 000 hours) reduse the maintanance and product replacement. cost that are associated with fluoriscent systems

- Unified Glare Rating is lower or equal to fluoriscent tube.

- Significant sustainability opportunity due to lower energy consuption , reduced waste and elimination of hazardous substances such as mercury and lead.

- Overaлl, the usage of LEDs helps to reduce the internal heating in the premisses

- 100% efficiency - directed light wich guarantees that all of the luminocity goes where you need it. 


Technical specifications :

- Imput power - 5oW

- luminosity -3 400 lumens

- Power supply / efficiency - 110/220V AC with PFC / 83,5%

- Working temperature : - 10C deg. to +40C deg.

- Enviroment protection ; IP65 Aluminium body with prismatic or frost front window

- Dimmensions (mm) : 600x600x70

- Weight (kg) : 4,5

- Life span: LED 100 000 h

- Warranty ; 5 years