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- 107mm 12 LED CREE emitters.
- Monochrome 12 LEDs  emitter for working with external current source DC 2x700mA to2x2500mA from 18v to 20V
- Used LED – 12pcs.
- sectioned to 2 sections by 6 LEDs or 3 sections by 4 LEDs or one section by 12 LEDs. In version 3x4 LEDs, it could be used as RGB LED emitter.
- applicable LEDs – LEDs CREE (It is possible to be different types )
 - Lifespan 50-80 000h
- LED optics – 12pcs. High precision collimators with different beam angle: very narrow lenses - from 10 degree to medium  25 degree or  wide 45-60 degree
- Color range – monochrome - available in Red, Green, Blue, White and Amber) or RGB for a complete range of color shades , saturated and soft.
- Electronic thermal protection at 65/70/75C by request Incorporated.
- Power for monochrome is up to 100W
- The luminosity for Cool White is up to 10,000 Lumen for 100W
- Power supply – Current source LED drivers – 2 pcs. 110/220AC - 700-1500mA DC
- The LEDs can be customized for different power 30-100W by customer request.