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T5/T8 LED Tube – 4,000 Lumen (30 x CREE XM-L) (powered from electronic or magnetic lamp ballast, or from an external 110/220VAC or 24VDC PWR unit)

Replasement: T5/HO 16mm Philips 54W /G53 - 4450Lm /White 840/ B /24,000 h/17x1163,2mm Ballast Type - Philips ELECTRONIC BALLAST HF-P 154 TL5 HO Ell 220-240

Possible version for T8 - 1200mm

Schematics: Consists of 30 x LEDs CREE XM-L Neutral White (4,000-5,000K)

There is 3 versions:

- 85 -100V, 450mA

-45 -50V, 2x450mA

- 24V with internal driver (23 - 25V)

With connecting adapter from T5 to T8 26mmm diameter Aluminium body (adapter not needed forT8/1200mm version)

Lumynosity and optics:

- Luminosity - up to 4,000 Lumen at 5000K CCT

- Color Rendering Index - 80 typical

- Viewing angle - 125 degree

No flicker, no changes in luminosity when the 220V PWR line changes with +25/-50%

Power supply - using external supply: Total LED Power - 43W (+/-10% max for the temperature range 0-85C degree)

Power supply - using PHILIPS ellectronic ballast HF-P 154TL5 HO Ell 220-240 -by special adapting circuit (under development) with 98% efficiency (OSRAM or other electronic ballasts can be also used).Total power - the electronic balast power 110-220 VAC - usually 55W, or using magnetic ballast (the efficiency of the magnetic ballst depends by the manifacturer)- for 36W LED PWR ( with 30% amplitude 100Hz flicker)

Power supply - using external Current Generator - 100- 220VAC / 85-100V output, 450mA( +/-10%)(direct connections) Total power -50W at220VAC