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Ultra Narrow beam LED search Light (Follow Light)

Ultra Narrow beam LED search Light (Follow Light)

Ultra Narrow beam LED search Light (Follow Light)

Based on very effective CREE LEDs - version 148 Lumen/W XP-g (or enhanced version 160 Lumen/W CREE XM-L) White LEDs.
 Ultra-concentrated LED emitting module.
Dedicated proprietary patented optical reflecting system
Special enhanced liquid cooling system.

Total LED power        - 200W (enhanced version 300W).
Total LED luminosity  - 25,000 Lumen (35,000 Lumen)
Ultra narrow beam     - less than 0.8-1 Degree viewing angle.

Narrowest spot - 1m diameter at 60 m distance with 20,000 / 30,000 Lux
                     - 10m diameter at 600m distance with 200 Lux / 300 Lux
                     - 25m diameter at 1,500m distance with 30 Lux (40 Lux)

Suitable for Serch LED light, replacing 2kW Xenon Search Light - for folow lights for Naval patrol, Helicopter Board Light, theatre/concert follow lights, perimeter security lamps follow lamps - military/prison areas

Version with PAN/TILT DMX controlled DC-motorized moving head housing is available under request.


Long lamp life - expected working time - up to 8-10 years withoot any replacemant.
Low consumption - 350W from 110/220V AC. (1.5Amp)
Battery version - 24V / 10 Amp batteries supply. Low consumption version - 50W / 2 Amp battery supply.