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LC-DRV-700 LC-DRV-700

Special Aluminum PCB based driver 33.2mm X 16.6mm X 3.5mm, with programmable current (250mA to 800mA - set by resistor) with 2 versions STEP-DOWN and STEP-UP (selectable by jumpers)

- one for STEP-DOWN - up to 800mA - from 6 to 36V DC (output LED voltages from 5V to 34V) with spikes input protection up to 500V for 1 usec. Can be used to drive for up to 8 LEDs (when the input voltage is around 28V)

and the second one - STEP-UP driver / up to 550 - 650 mA from 6V to 33V input voltage when no more than 5V volts output voltage is used, from 6V to 28V input voltage when no more than 10.5V volts output voltage is used - for 3 LEDs, from 6V to 18V input voltage when no more than 20V volts output voltage is used (for 6 LEDs ar 650mA).
Also up to 8 LED at 250mA (27V LED output voltage), when the input voltage is from 6V to 14V DC

Special dimming input is available for external logarithmic potentiometer 15-25k analog dimming (0-100%) or for external PWM TTL - levels, 256 steps dimming (0-100%), at at least 500Hz PWM frequency.